Show or Tell is a fast-paced group party game that pushes the boundaries of decency… 


The box includes instructions detailing how to play the game, 500 cards (250 red 'Show' cards and 250 blue 'Tell' cards) and the possibility of unlimited ways to win each round.


The cards are 2"x3.5", professionally printed and digitally cut so they're easy to use.

Show or Tell Game

  • Get ready to laugh yourself silly as you witness your friends showcase their ‘creative’ abilities - in a bid to act out or describe an eclectic mix of modern cultural references. With 500 cards ranging from controversial world leaders to socially inappropriate sexual profanities, there are endless opportunities for your friends to compromise their usual standards of dignity and political correctness.


    Show or Tell is best played with an open minded and outgoing bunch of people, so leave your manners at the door and get involved!