Object of the Game

Pretty simple really… to acquire the most points by collecting as many cards as possible before teams run out of playing cards. Correctly guessing the word or phrase teammates are describing or acting out, as indicated by the card that is held up.



After getting into teams, one player must select a stack of Red or Blue cards from the deck, when it is their teams go. Depending on the colour their teammates must either act out or describe what’s written on the card when the player lifts the cards to their head.


Red cards are acting cards and are worth two points when correctly guessed. Blue cards are describing cards, which are worth one point when correctly guessed.


Each round lasts one minute - with as many ‘passes’ as you like. When the time is up, your team keeps the cards that were correctly guessed.


When you’ve exhausted all the cards, or you’ve had too many beers to carry on – total up the number of points received from the cards that your team correctly guessed.


The team with the highest number of points at the end of the game is the winner... simple.